Free Resources & Tools

Title Description URL
Vimm's Lairvault full of classic ROMs and emulators. old and reliable site :-)
Library Genesisnon-torrented academic textbooks, comics, etc
GifCitiesarchived gifs from old Geocities pages
Animepahewatch anime 4 free (get a pop-up blocker)
Youtube to Mp3convert youtube vids to music
GameTDBdatabase/wiki for video game cover art
Wellness Kitlibrary of PDFs about nutrition, food, mental/physical health

Other Cool Sites

Title Description URL
Noclipfly around empty video game worlds online. ripped from Wii, GameCube, PS2, games and more
Puerto Rico Souvenirsgo buy yourself something nice
Froggyvillecollection of decorative frog statues

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