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silly child wormhole

what a strange time. closeted loser realness. laughing at yourself is good for the soul...

I think most people believe they were cute or at least endearingly stupid as children. but being a teenager is ugly! because, you know:

@^ェ^@ (ノ ̄꒳ ̄)ノ haha! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 (◕∀◕人)

(2016) Fine Time by New Order in Mario Paint Composer.

♪ my first hit single ever "hello world". ♪

(2015) fun IMVU moments

when I was 15 I'd make questionable mash-ups and post them on Soundcloud:

the first audio clip really blew up. as of 12/12/2020, how are people still commenting on this??? there is also a years-long argument over Undertale here. I used to be into Undertale and made a painting that got a ton of attention on DeviantArt. back then if you Googled "Mettaton fan art" this piece was in the first page of image results. absolutely crazy. I did some backwards image-searching and discovered somebody used my piece as the thumbnail to their Undertale x My Little Pony Crossover video.

the second audio clip is a combination of HuniePop's title screen song and Daft Punk's "One More Time". I was never into dating sims but for some reason the puzzles in this game were fun. the entire game felt like a so-bad-it's-entertaining movie. here are two strangers were arguing in the comments over one of the in-game "waifus" (entire paragraphs long! what!!!).

it's kind of cool when something gets a ton of views or likes out of nowhere but I never wanted my art to be stuck to a trending fandom. I've always wanted to make art for myself and not feel the pressure from likes or comments. The internet is so stupid I love it. I hardly interacted with communities anyways. I just liked to draw really bad art and that's okay, right??? pretty sure nobody remembers me from my DeviantArt account but it sucks that those old drawings are still out there, somewhere...

(2014) Minecraft prop hunt, hunger games, and walking dead servers were our favorite. I am "Artmonstar" (Lady Gaga little monster + star because stars rock).

(2013) cool cat Minecraft house. :3

(2012) old Skype screenshots I'd never deleted because I'm an insane person that never deletes any of her computer hard drive backups.

(2011) first drawing on a computer tablet. done in Manga Studio EX. :,-) xoxo